All these Slippery Things

by il gato

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A collection of songs recorded at Tiny Telephone studios (with overdubs recorded at home), engineered by Ian Pelicci and mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering.

Released July 13, 2010 in Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA.

Daimian Holiday Scott: Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Lyrics

Matthew Souther: Piano, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Vocals, Various Percussion

Johnny Major: Drums, Vocals

Andrew Thomas: Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Vocals, Various Percussion, Mandolin

Yates Brown: Banjo
Rima Ash: Violin
Annabel Ibanez: Viola
Howie Cockrill: Violin/Fiddle
Jen Grady: Cello
Andrew Marine: Accordion


released July 13, 2010



all rights reserved


il gato Gainesville, Florida

IL GATO is a folk-rock band from Gainesville, Florida who had their start in San Francisco, California. Their newest album is titled "Tongues & Teeth".

See for photos, press and more.

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Track Name: All these Birds in my Hair
"All of these Birds in my Hair"

With my head in the clouds so much you would think I surely must have seen the sky
And with all of these birds in my hair and the sun talking in my ear I still wonder why
But sometimes your heart is so much tougher than your eyes
It will enter the lion’s den while all the other wounded patiently wait in line

But now a-days, I only hear the birds say, “Be light”

But there is a dream made of lead, your Medusa-haired head gently lying on my bed
A love barely breathing in all these slippery things we dread
Then you so slowly speak and I hear it in the breeze
As the sparrows on your tongue are stifling a scream

I hear you say, as the birds they fly away, “Be light”
“Be light”
“Be light”
“Be light”
“Be light”
Track Name: The Snapping Sound
"The Snapping Sound"

The snapping sound is just my heart, my sunshine, I’ll be alright
But I go too far when I play the part, my sunshine, I must confide

That there are fiery flames on the tip of my tongue, lost dancing with the devil while trying to please everyone
They float heavenly as if they had a choice, all these evil words born in the softest voice; confused as whether to melt or just to rejoice
Now I withdraw these hands, which were built to kill, to my saintly side which subverts my will,
And stare at all the glasses filled with all the discarded progress so prominently displayed on the window sill
But I’m only in a knot from dreaming of you, lost in all these sentences which will never soothe

I don’t think I can stand without your weight, my sunshine, I’ll be alright
But I’m left with only a shirt to compensate, my sunshine, and it’s not my size

And now I scream from the tips of my lungs, at all these slippery things in which our dreams are so tightly wrung
And you finally flinch and shed a tear, and collapse into these seconds which now feel so near,
and expose all of these moments which were once revered, and now it all seems so, so clear
But now it stings, this we can’t conceal, but now I know our tragic tongues will never heal

And now this is me looking at you, we played love like a game, just a word we outgrew,
So now we’ll bow, rest our goddamn feet, as a love is not for laughs, so watch out, we better clench our teeth
And now we’ll say, maybe we’ll see each other soon, and now I’ll walk away, a cold wind’s coming through
And now this is me looking at you, so tell me, what are we gonna do?
Track Name: On Feathers & Arrows (on Burnt Pine)
"On Feathers & Arrows (on Burnt Pine)"

The spots of the sun they filled your eyes,
replaced the view in symphonies with what you knew were lies
They took all of your feathers and turned them to stones
Now you are just crawling around proclaiming it’s easy on the bones
and that you’ll never let a soul into the world you made
Complaining those lights are always dull, when it’s your eyes that are the shades

But you just stared at me and now you know I know
And now I have an arrow directed at you so lets start the show

Called Quebec home for half the year
Every night a cocktail party and you led the cheer
Said, “To our health”, when you knew you were dying
In lieu of your wealth you stated you were retiring
Thought no one would ever know the secrets you hid
Found whatever friends who would take the lowest bid
But now you are stuck in your own shit because you can’t fly without feathers
You think your skin is protected from my arrows with your leather

But I’ve seen your girls as they were mine too
Tina from Poughkeepsie and Tracy from Kalamazoo
I figured it would just serve as a passing phase
A momentary celebration to commemorate my raise

But things get tricky and time gets sticky
You think it’s a youthful thing but now you are turning fifty
Because no wind could blow those thoughts away,
There are no feathers to dust them, all apologies appear cliché
Because I’ve been shot with arrows before
But all these slippery things surprise so I’m left with a quiver on the floor

So now is the time to burst my bubble
Spread the contents on the table, no need to hide my troubles
And I’ll remember your life as I change mine
And forget all your forests of evergreen,
because I’ll suffice just fine with burnt pine
Track Name: Burning Red (The Fa Fa Fa Song)
"Burning Red (The Fa Fa Fa Song)"

For all you lost children,
this is your “Welcome in”.
Because it's not over yet.
The embers, I sense, are Burning Red.

But we are still holding tight;
Scanning the skies - preparing for flight,
And in spite all these slippery things might,
A glimmer of a glimmer fills my eyes!

Far away.
Far away.
Far away.

Please come here, bend real close,
all you humans, spirits and ghosts.
Because this is our one big chance to grow -
to tear down the walls so the light can show.

So, now we will shout to the heavens,
now that we finally have their attention.
Our fears are gems (to fill our heads);
so we embrace them, and now they are Burning Red!

Far away.
Far away.
Far away.
Far away!
Far away!
Far away!
Track Name: In the Lightning it is Written
"In the Lightning it is Written"

This day started just like all of the ones we’ve had
The skies poured as we were lying like lions in the cover of your bed
But I know you’re leaving, I can taste it on your tongue
All this electricity has finally proved way, way too much. Too much. Too much. Too much.

Though I know as our bodies grow the way all these slippery things go
Tongues twist and toes grip as we finally die and ask how it all comes to this
So tell me what will the skies do, because right now it all seems so stuck?
Different languages? Parlez vous what the fuck?
What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck?

Now as we walk through the abandoned park by your parent’s house
The thunder and our silence both finally prove way, way, way too loud
Because I know it’s over, I heard it on your tongue
And in the lightning it is written all we will become
So, I’m screaming up at those red and blue, blue, blue skies,
Trying to find some way to make it last, our elusive time. It’s our time. It’s our time.

It’s our time.
Track Name: The Rollicking Waltz
All these Slippery Things.
All these Slippery Things.
All these Slippery Things.
Track Name: Chocolate Lemonade
"Chocolate Lemonade"

Walked through our house again, after midnight, feels like nothing’s ever gonna change.
Grabbed your armor from our famous pillow fight, and there I was, once again.
Where you tackled my knees just to prove gravity, and all these slippery things came all tumbling down.
Because it’s hard to compete, when your smile looks so sweet, and when your enemy is the spoils you found.

Walked through our house again, after midnight, and for the first time it looked so, so strange.
Thought back to our dinner party and what was supposed to be a calm night, I don’t know why when your mother left, she looked so, so strained.
But I guess that’s when it was proven about red, red, red wine, the space it takes
frees all the thoughts in the back of your mind.
Because I didn’t think she would leave, I thought she knew she was stingy, because you made mention of it all of the time.

Walked through our house again, after midnight, realizing all we’ve gained.
Your preference for candy corn, though toeing the line, is nothing like my chocolate lemonade.

Your preference for candy corn, though toeing the line, is nothing like my chocolate lemonade.

It’s nothing.
It’s nothing.
It’s nothing.
It’s nothing.
It’s nothing.
Track Name: I Stayed up all Week
"I Stayed up all Week"

I stayed up all night just to hear the click of the door as you walked in, I felt like a fat man (full of love) made thin.
I stayed up all night just to lightly touch your neck, but I couldn't yet.
Because you said a lot has happen since I've last labored your eyes.
Yeah, you said, "Though it's quite nice, to see you too".

I stayed up all week just to hear what your verdict said, I felt like a fresh bouquet of flowers stalling their impending death.
I stayed up all week just to lightly touch your neck, but I couldn't yet.
Because you said maybe our time has passed.
Yeah, you said or maybe all these slippery things will let us last.

I stayed up all night just to watch the moon undress,
I felt like a dictaphone trying to remember all the words you said.
I stayed up all night just to lightly touch your neck, but I couldn't yet.
Because you said I need to shower first.
Yeah, you said, "Questions are good, because now I'm sure".
Yeah, you fell into my exhausted arms.
Yeah, you never once felt so warm.
Track Name: The Sky Seemed So Red Today
"The Sky Seemed So Red Today"

The sky seemed so red today, whether it was all the flashlights as flares, or just that the sun finally decided to disappear. And I don’t know if the sun will ever find it’s place; because Jupiter’s cold and busy with other things, as is the rest of space. And I don’t know if I’ll notice with my eyes directed down as my heartstrings are pulled and, oh, how they never know the ground.
And do you think people will ever change, or will my feet kick your pants and it won’t feel so strange as now, when all of time has let out, and we are all just floating away? As when, on our day of reckoning, we find out it was all just a mistake?

Trees fell to the ground, a large oak full of birds on the floor or haven’t you heard before the chirps from the dirt, crying “Save me please, because the darkness is closing in and the demons will be released
from the sky up above to glow with wondrous light!”, and so I clamor all day, and find myself exhausted at night as the days come with skies glowing red, and I think it’s the pain in my heart and not the pain in my head that keeps me quiet, within all of my might, when I come to your lonely room and sing my song, when all noise has gone, to become your passionate brew.

And I say, “We will be inebriated tonight, and rest with our fear; as cowards who find sleep when heaven is near”. But we’ll tell stories of loss and stories of hope
as we watch all of our confidence slowly grow out of our ears and into our minds; to become drunk on our dreams, become the leaders of our time which is always slowly fading, as all moments do, from the red of the sun to the blue of the moon.

And I’ll be reminded once more that we are all pieces of a puzzle, wondering wild in this whimsical world full of bubbles. Trading our time for a life full of poisoned perfume and a stint in the same poignant cartoon
of colors unreal, and weather unfelt, and never ask why all of our time is for sale and are words are never sung, and our days merely become coffins only missing the nails with skin that slowly fails, and a sun that can only shine pale.
Track Name: We are All in the Clouds
"We are All in the Clouds"

Hold my hand, cause it’s getting too intense,
but now the light peeks, while wearing it’s short sleeves, it’s all around. It’s all around.

These dreams I’ve had, they started their own band,
They learned the tambourine, then broke their own front teeth, they’re busting out. They’re busting out.

Come walk with me, as there are no dead-end streets,
With rockets as shoes and a head full of clues, there’s no falling down. There’s no falling down.

Please touch my face, as nothing could ever erase,
As all of the times of white, they are now calcified, they’re busting out. They're busting out!

So we will dance, leave our fates to chance,
Whittle all of our days away as we are all amazed, we’re all in the clouds. We are all in the clouds!

We are all in the clouds!